Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Tuesday was a travel day. Early in the morning we flew to Manila. In Manila we had planned to meet with some other reformed missionaries who are working here. There was a little confusion in our communication so the meeting never happened.  From the airport we had already planned to go to the Mall of Asia so we needed to find away from the airport to the mall. We needed to find a taxi.  Finding a van would be ideal. We would ask the first nice van we saw pull up and drop off his passenger. Turns out it wasn't a taxi but after asking the owner of the van, he was gracious and  offered us his van and driver to drive us to the mall. We never expected that! 
The mall was large and modern with many of the same stores you would see back home. It also included an ice rink. People could rent skates and skate on the ice. There were not many good skaters but they all seemed to enjoy themselves. 
Later in the day we met up with Pastor Melo who had flown in later. With Pastor Melo we traveled to Malolos north of Manila. 
About 14 pastors and church members attended the first day of lectures held at the  Grace Community Church. Here again it's evident there is a desire to learn. A desire to learn more of the Reformed faith.  Like the church back in Cagayan de Oro they have a Pentecostal background.  The Lord is working here as well to bring about change. Something to be thankful for. 
Today  Dr. Bredenhof will continue with the Reformation Church History course.
Please pray for the continued reformation of the church here. 

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