Saturday 11 January 2014

A Little Background Information

   Earlier in 2013 the Providence church realized an opportunity to spread the gospel of Christ and the Reformed faith in the Philippines through a contact made there with a pastor who had discovered the Reformed faith. A committee was struck and work began to sending a seminary level professor to train indigenous pastors, elders and deacons in the Philippines. By sharing our Reformed heritage, our creeds and confessions, we hope to give gospel comfort to sinners and, above all, glory and praise to God.
  We are thankful as well that we are able to work in cooperation with the Free Reformed Church of Baldivis, Australia. They have similar interests.
  Initially this well be a three year project to be reviewed in September of 2017. The hope is to have training sessions in two week increments twice per year beginning in February of 2014. With Baldivis doing the same, there will be eight weeks each year in which the Reformed faith will be taught in various subjects. We pray that church leaders might be blessed by these classes and in turn be a blessing in their churches.
  In September our TAP committee became members of the Canadian Reformed Mission Association. This is a fledgling organisation itself. We hope to be able to draw on the experiences and gain contacts of other church mission committees who are a part of it.
  In future posts I look forward to sharing with you what's happening concerning TAP.

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  1. My name is Sunny Cruz of Guimaras island, Philippines. My email address is sunnypinas@gmail.com. Our church here in Guimaras using the canrc church order. We would like TAP to help us. Please replay for further communication. Thank you