Friday, 31 January 2014

The Long Nights Journey

We are here and thankful to God for bringing us to Cagayon de Oro safely.

  Early Thursday morning we boarded the plane and started our journey. Our 16 hour flight took us over the Artic, Russia and China, finally landing in Hong Kong. 16 hours of traveling in the dark. A quick Star Bucks coffee and we were on our way to Manila. In Manila we made it through Imigration and quickly found a shuttle bus to take us to Terminal 4 where we would catch our next flight. We thought the sign read " Free Shuttle", somewhat surprised then to be asked for 20 Pesos for the ride. We smiled, gave the bus driver the money and went.  A good thing we had gotten some Filipino money back home, just in case. Outside the air was warm and humid, that was a nice feeling. The bus ride gave us a glimpse of the surroundings, everywhere  its busy with people and cars. Waiting for the next flight, Dr. Bredenhof bumped into someone familiar from Cagayon de Oro who was heading back home after visiting some relatives. 

After landing in Cagayan de Oro it was another hour and a half taxi ride to our place here. The ride took us though the country side. Rice fields and the odd cow tied up in a field. Homes lined the roadway almost the entire ride. Jeepneys and motorcycles passing by. Roads being worked on. I was struck by the smell of burning fires along the way, I suppose people were cooking or burning their garbage. But it wasn't only the smell of fires, it was the scene of poverty that passed by home after home that struck me. 

   We had rented a place here while back home on the Internet. Very modern, clean and well protected . We are thankful too for our gracious hosts, Ed and Luanne Shacklefords, long time missionaries here  with the organization Christar, something I did not know when I first found the place.
     Once settled it was time for supper and a trip to the mall for some groceries. The mall is right around the corner, within walking distance of where we are staying.  The mall here is modern and busy with people.  It's a different  scene than our ride here. The grocery store is big and modern, looking much like what we have back home.  Pastor Glem Melo treated us to a delicious meal, took us grocery shopping for some breakfast items. Then it was time to head "home" and hit the bed. Lights out!
    This morning the sun is out and and the weather looks good but I do think a tropical depression is on the way. Today we will rest up and see some sights. Along the way we will talk with Pastor Melo about his work here and how we will plan the rest of the week.
   Please continue to pray for the people here in the Philipinnes and that doors would be open here to spread the Reformed faith.


  1. I hope you are able to continue your blog posts. It's very interesting reading! All the best and many prayers from back home!
    Ed and Lisa Baker

  2. Just flew over Cayagon del Oro using Google Earth's F16. Looks like beautiful countryside....from the air at least. Wishing you God's blessings and say hi to the Melos.